City of Miami


Did you know Miami has over 20 neighborhoods within its 36 square mile boundaries and is the third most populous metropolis on the East Coast? Miami’s neighborhoods are diverse both culturally and architecturally. Little Havana, Little Haiti (once known as Lemon City), Little San Juan (now Wynwood Norte) and Little Santo Domingo in Allapattah represent some of Miami’s most notable neighborhoods; add in the Design District, Wynwood, MiMo, Overtown and you can begin to understand why the tropical melting pot that is Miami is so unique! Neighborhoods like Silver Bluff and Coconut Grove were their own communities until they were incorporated into the City. Historic Districts such as Morningside, Bayside, Palm Grove, Riverside, Buena Vista, and Spring Garden also add to the mix.
We’ve called upon Dr. Paul George to educate us about the history and significance of Miami neighborhoods in these short essays complete with images. In celebration of the City’s 125th Anniversary, we encourage you to Learn About Where You Live, Miami!