Terrance Cribbs-Lorrant

Director of the Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum
Terrance Cribbs-Lorrant, the artist known as VesSouL, is a humanities cultural curator with a special performing artist approach. He serves as the Museum Executive Director of the City of Miami Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum. His research and recent exhibit “The Red Line Letter: Our Eyes Are Open” was part featured in the museum’s 2018 Soul Art Basel. Terrance’s 2008 written work, The Rite to Riot, is being reviewed for publication and were part of the National Organizations of Black Law Enforcement (N.O.B.L.E.) 2019 Conference. In 2017, he lead the instillation of the inaugural exhibit “We’ll Look After You-For Now!” presented by artist Reginald (L.E.O.) O’Neal & photographer/film producer Terence Price II. Presently, Terrance is working on a new exhibition that brings into question community policing within urban neighborhoods where black & brown people are fragmented by culture and language. He was recently represented Overtown Studio Project at Harvard the College of Urban Planning and Design where his input helped to advance developer’s responsibility to the historical context of Overtown. Terrance has consulted, from a historic perspective, around the black Miami story for films, music tributes and other oral history documentries.