Marta Viciedo

co-founder and CEO of Urban Impact Lab
Marta Viciedo is the co-founder and CEO of Urban Impact Lab. Urban Impact Lab enables its clients to drive positive change in their communities through civic research, creative placemaking and social impact initiatives. They design strategic, tailored projects to bridge clients’ goals with a data-driven approach for measurable impact while strengthening their relationship to their city. From quick tactical interventions to deep policy research, they employ a broad toolkit to develop implementable solutions, foster broader civic engagement and drive meaningful action within communities. The urbanists that form Urban Impact Lab take those three words very seriously. They believe the success of cities is driven by constant experimentation designed to create positive impact. With over 20 years of combined experience and backgrounds in urban planning, data research and information technology – Urban Impact Lab digests large-scale urban challenges into projects that build a better urban future for all. Marta is also the founder and chair of Transit Alliance Miami, a non-profit organization with a mission to unite residents, organizations and businesses to advocate for walkable streets, bikeable neighborhoods and better mass transit.